When to Seek Physiotherapy Treatment for Children – The Cringe Test

It’s a beautiful Thursday evening and you are watching your son play soccer. The game is going well when suddenly he goes flying. A badly timed slide tackle has caught his foot while he was in full flight and he has gone down hard. You and the other parents suck in a collective gasp and… Read More ❱

Fighting the Tide

Swastika bearing white supremacists march openly through the streets killing an innocent defender of human rights and beating a black man with sticks. Their country’s leader justifies their actions.  Even seemingly less extreme caucasians are offended by this commercial saying things aren’t really all that bad and they shouldn’t be vilified in such a way.  People call… Read More ❱

The Top 3 Things to Put Some Thought into this Fall

If I were Supermom I suppose I would already have everything bought for my children’s return to school. Being mere mortal I am avoiding thinking about it. However, the reality is it will soon be time to start gathering supplies. To that end, here is some information on things that are important for your child’s… Read More ❱

The True Cause of Plantar Fasciitis

Your alarm goes off and you roll to the side of the bed. You’re still half asleep when your feet hit the floor. As soon as you stand up hot searing pain stabs you in the heel. You give a startled cry and grab the bed for support. In your half stupor you forgot about… Read More ❱

You’re Not Out of Shape, You’ve Just Had Babies

“I used to be pretty fit before I had children. Now I’m just completely out of shape.” I hear this type of statement often from mothers of young children. They have tried getting back to physical activities that they used to do before having children, but find they have more difficulty. They usually wind up… Read More ❱

Putting the Fun Back in Youth Sport

Growing up, sport was always a part of my life. Pretty much from the time I could walk I had some kind of ball or something in my hands. Being the only girl on the street, I played with the boys and kept up in everything from road hockey to shooting hoops, to playing baseball… Read More ❱

Please Check Your Car Seats for this Common Installation Error

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook that really made me sit up, pay attention, and take action to ensure the safety of my children in their car seats. This post was bringing attention to an installation error that can be a serious safety issue if your child weighs more than 35… Read More ❱

Sciatic Pain Isn’t Really About Your Back

Sciatic pain is very common and a lot of us will experience it at some point, but what is it exactly? The word “sciatic” refers to a specific nerve in the leg. The sciatic nerve is, in fact, the largest nerve in the body. It travels down the back of the thigh to the back… Read More ❱

Colic Can Be Treated

For those parents who have lived through having an infant with colic, you know how truly devastating it is to see your baby crying in obvious pain and being told there is nothing that can be done. You ask Dr. Google.  You speak to anyone with children. You search high and low for answers and… Read More ❱

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

For those of you who have a good relationship with your mother, today is likely an occasion for celebration. You probably enjoyed picking out something for her that you know she will appreciate, and smiled as you wrapped her gift while anticipating the joy it will bring her. Today will be filled with warm hugs… Read More ❱

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