We see the forest and the trees.

We treat people, not body parts.

If you believe in addressing your whole body rather than piecemeal parts, then come in and see us. If you have had a series of seemingly unrelated injuries that haven’t resolved, then we are the professionals for you. If you have pain that came out of nowhere, then we will find the underlying cause.

We treat people, not body parts - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa
Movement, Alignment, Performance - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa

At M.A.P. Physiotherapy we see the forest and the trees. We address the big picture by stepping back to look at the forest first. We listen to the forest, for it has a wisdom of its own. Without doing this you will never find the right trees to deal with – and they are not the ones screaming the loudest.

At our clinic you will see the physiotherapist one-on-one for your entire appointment time, each and every time. We believe only a professional can see the truth in the forest.

The M.A.P. Approach

Our approach developed from a belief that the whole is exponentially greater than the sum of its parts, but at the same time every individual part is critical in the functioning of the whole. Without the uniqueness of every single tree, the forest would not be the same.

Movement - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa


We step back and look at how your body moves as a whole, regardless of where the current pain or dysfunction is. This allows us to see the big picture of how everything is working (or not working) together.

Alignment - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa


There is an optimal order to things in your body. When one part is out of alignment it affects every single other part of you on some level. We work through hands-on treatment to restore balance in your whole being.

Performance - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa


When the forest and the trees are no longer at odds, the system performs optimally. This results in alleviation of pain and dysfunction, and can also prevent future problems.

Our Services


We can help with common conditions such as growing pains, Osgood-Schlatter disease, sports injuries, as well as developmental and neurological conditions.


We can treat common conditions such as colic, torticollis, and plagiocephaly as well as developmental or neurological issues.

Orthopædic Conditions

Painful conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and back pain are really just a symptom of something gone wrong elsewhere in the body. We will help you find the true cause.


Whether it be prenatal aches and pains, feeling all loosey-goosey postnatally, recovery from C-section, or continence issues years after having children, we can help you get back to feeling like yourself again.


When it comes to treatment and prevention, alignment and balance is everything. This involves the whole body, not just the sore spot. Treat the small stuff before it becomes big, or better yet avoid injury altogether.

Neurological Conditions

Whether you have had a recent neurological injury or a stroke many years ago, we can help you make the most of your functional mobility and avoid pain.

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We are a small physiotherapy clinic located in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario. M.A.P. Physiotherapists focus on what matters to you, spending time to understand your needs, and providing the personal attention that makes a real difference.

Meet Our Team

All of our therapists believe in treating a whole person, not just the part that hurts. We have various areas of interest and expertise to meet all of your health care needs. We look forward to helping you.

Marie Shinmoto, Registered Physiotherapist - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa

Marie Shinmoto

Registered Physiotherapist

Janet Dill, Registered Physiotherapist - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa

Janet Dill

Registered Physiotherapist

Tamarrah Jacobs, Registered Physiotherapist - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa

Tamarrah Jacobs

Registered Physiotherapist

Victoria Goodman, Registered Physiotherapist - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa

Victoria Goodman

Registered Physiotherapist

As an essential service we are open during lockdown

We would like to assure you that we are following very strict guidelines to ensure the safety of our clients, therapists, and our community as a whole. As we are a small practice, there are minimal people in the clinic at once and you will have no contact with anyone other than your therapist. If you have questions regarding our safety measures please contact us. We would be happy to discuss your concerns. We look forward to serving your health care needs.