Child Safety

How to Dislocate an Elbow in One Easy Step

It was early on in my career. I think I’d been a physiotherapist for a little over a year. I was visiting with family and friends over the holidays and decided to go skating at an outdoor rink one evening. As it generally is with outdoor rinks, the ice wasn’t the greatest and there were […] Read More ❱

It’s not “Sex” Education – It’s Just Education

For those who know me, it will not come as a big surprise that I am not a big Doug Ford fan. I just can’t abide by someone who prioritizes the price of beer over the price of healthy nutritious food or prescription drugs for the working poor. I could go on all day about […] Read More ❱

That Could Never Happen to Me

When the warm weather comes around, a lot of us come out of hibernation to enjoy outdoor pursuits. Bikes and picnic baskets appear, and everyone just seems happier. For some it is a new beginning. For others it is a painful reminder of a tragic event. Although most people think it could never happen to […] Read More ❱

Please Check Your Car Seats for this Common Installation Error

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook that really made me sit up, pay attention, and take action to ensure the safety of my children in their car seats. This post was bringing attention to an installation error that can be a serious safety issue if your child weighs more than 35 […] Read More ❱

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