Injury Prevention in Children

How to Dislocate an Elbow in One Easy Step

It was early on in my career. I think I’d been a physiotherapist for a little over a year. I was visiting with family and friends over the holidays and decided to go skating at an outdoor rink one evening. As it generally is with outdoor rinks, the ice wasn’t the greatest and there were […] Read More ❱

The Top 3 Things to Put Some Thought into this Fall

If I were Supermom I suppose I would already have everything bought for my children’s return to school. Being mere mortal I am avoiding thinking about it. However, the reality is it will soon be time to start gathering supplies. To that end, here is some information on things that are important for your child’s […] Read More ❱

Sports Injuries in Young Girls

  Studies show that young girls involved in sport are four to six times more likely to injure the anterior cruciate ligament (an important stability ligament in the knee) than boys. Why is this? Many factors have been hypothesized including muscular imbalances, poor use of hamstrings and gluteal muscles (in the buttocks), and joint laxity. […] Read More ❱

Physiotherapy for Young Competitive Athletes

More and more children are playing competitive sports at a young age now. Sometimes kids as young as seven or eight years old are playing the same sport five or six times a week. This takes its toll on a developing body. When children get injured we tend to think they will just bounce back, […] Read More ❱

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