Issues for Parents

Enough Stuff!

Last Christmas was the breaking point for me. I remember standing amongst the chaos on the 26th of December and feeling upset to the point of nausea. There was so much stuff. Everywhere. Flung carelessly in every corner. Already discarded less than 24 hours later. Not to mention all the packaging, but don’t even get me […] Read More ❱

Talking to Children About Death

Mon chat est mort. This is the title of the book my daughter has written and illustrated at school today. My cat is dead. Well, this should be an interesting read. I pick it up not knowing quite what to expect. To give you a little background, we had to put our cat down when […] Read More ❱

It’s not “Sex” Education – It’s Just Education

For those who know me, it will not come as a big surprise that I am not a big Doug Ford fan. I just can’t abide by someone who prioritizes the price of beer over the price of healthy nutritious food or prescription drugs for the working poor. I could go on all day about […] Read More ❱

The Benefits of Free Play for Children

Spoiler alert – I am about to seriously date myself. I grew up in the day when we came home from school, got into our play clothes, and disappeared out into the street. At supper time mom would throw open the door and holler for us to come and eat. The message was relayed from […] Read More ❱

You’re Not Out of Shape, You’ve Just Had Babies

“I used to be pretty fit before I had children. Now I’m just completely out of shape.” I hear this type of statement often from mothers of young children. They have tried getting back to physical activities that they used to do before having children, but find they have more difficulty. They usually wind up […] Read More ❱

Happy International Children’s Book Day

Today is International Children’s Book Day. In our house the only thing that rivals the books in number are the individual pieces of Lego. We have more books than any toys for certain. I am so grateful that our children love reading as do I. Reading to very young children has many benefits including the […] Read More ❱

I’m All Thumbs and They Hurt!

Thumbs are the kind of body part we never think about until something goes wrong. If you have ever hurt your thumb, you realize that we use them to do absolutely everything. They are, after all, one of the main features that separates us from other forms of life. There is in fact a reason […] Read More ❱

Who Says Moms don’t do Heavy Lifting?

When my daughter was born she was 22 inches long. Nearly two feet. How does that fit in there? My son wasn’t quite so long but was nine pounds and three ounces. Both long babies and heavy babies present unique challenges. For instance, it can be difficult to find a way to support the body […] Read More ❱

Your Pelvis Needs More Than Just a Floor

Many women who have had children experience what we tend to refer to as “pelvic floor issues”. You know what I’m talking about – when laughing, coughing and heaven forbid sneezing in public becomes an exercise in how to subtly hold it together when you know there’s nothing subtle about it. As a result, many […] Read More ❱

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