My Summer of Saying Yes

I am someone who generally thrives on routine. Being an extrovert I sometimes find this a bit odd, but routine makes me comfortable. Other than vacation, summer weekends are usually spent hanging around at parks and museums with the kids and filling up the kiddy pool. This summer we decided to throw routine to the […] Read More ❱

The Top 3 Things to Put Some Thought into this Fall

If I were Supermom I suppose I would already have everything bought for my children’s return to school. Being mere mortal I am avoiding thinking about it. However, the reality is it will soon be time to start gathering supplies. To that end, here is some information on things that are important for your child’s […] Read More ❱

Putting the Fun Back in Youth Sport

Growing up, sport was always a part of my life. Pretty much from the time I could walk I had some kind of ball or something in my hands. Being the only girl on the street, I played with the boys and kept up in everything from road hockey to shooting hoops, to playing baseball, […] Read More ❱

Adam van Koeverden teaches us to live in the moment

  This interview with Canada’s Olympic kayaking icon Adam van Koeverden has lessons for us all.  After missing the “A” final in the K1 1000 metre event, he prepared for the “B” final.  In his immediate post-race interview he said that he went into the race with only one goal in mind – to enjoy […] Read More ❱

We see the forest and the trees.


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