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Children are not small adults. They require specific expertise and can experience issues that adults do not. We can help with common conditions such as growing pains, Osgood-Schlatter disease, sports injuries, as well as developmental and neurological conditions.

Growing Pains

Anything you read about growing pains will tell you there is nothing you can do for them other than give pain medication like Tylenol. When Marie’s own children began experiencing them she discovered (at 2:00 a.m. of course!) that she could in fact relieve the pain with treatment. Marie believes the pain is caused by the growth of the bones happening too fast for the muscles to keep up. Freeing the tight muscles relieves the pain and prevents it for quite some time afterwards. Don’t let your children suffer through this. We can help.

Growing Pains and Clumsiness

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Osgood-Schlatter Disease

This condition, seen exclusively in children, is a painful inflammation at the top of the shin bone where the major tendon from the powerful front thigh muscles attaches. It is in essence a tendonitis of sorts. While rest and anti-inflammatory medication can help, they are just treating the symptoms. Physiotherapy treatment aimed at finding the reason why the tight muscles are overworking can speed recovery and gets kids back to activity faster.

Sports Injuries

Because children tend to bounce back quickly from injury we often don’t seek treatment for them. Don’t ignore their aches and pains or their bodies will eventually pay down the road.

Physiotherapy for Young Competitive Athletes

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Developmental and Neurological Issues

We have the paediatric experience to treat children who are delayed in meeting developmental milestones, or who have been diagnosed with a neurological condition. We have also had success in treating developmental coordination disorder.

Physiotherapy for Children  - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa

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We are a small physiotherapy clinic located in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario. M.A.P. Physiotherapists focus on what matters to you, spending time to understand your needs, and providing the personal attention that makes a real difference.

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