The hip bone is connected to the shoulder bone….and your past.

Really it is! If your shoulder and your hip are attached to the same body, then it seems obvious that one could influence the other. A previous injury to your left hip could be causing your current shoulder pain on the opposite side as you lean away from that old injury. Instability in your hips and pelvis could be causing the tension you feel in your neck and shoulders as you try to hold yourself upright in front of your computer all day while sitting on an unstable foundation. A lack of mobility in your hips could be causing your lower back to overcompensate, producing pain and stiffness there.

How does your past play into all of this? Any trauma that you have ever experienced in your lifetime will stay locked in your body indefinitely unless you find a way to skillfully release it. Physical trauma like a fall will cause the force of the impact to be stored away in your body, usually in the form of tightness and restriction. Emotional trauma will likewise lock itself away somewhere within you. And if you have experienced a physical trauma with a significant emotional component attached to it, like having a car accident on the way to your best friend’s funeral, your body will pay a heavy price.

The lens through which we view healing encompasses all of this. We believe that it is only through addressing every aspect of your well-being that joy can be restored to your life.

The M.A.P. Approach

Our approach developed from the knowledge that the body is a complicated thing, and so seemingly simple issues usually have complex underlying causes. No part of you works in isolation and everything you do requires the use of multiple systems (e.g. muscles, bones, nerves, circulation). We seek to address all of the inter-connected systems in the body in order to restore balance.

Key to this approach is knowing what has happened to you in the past. Trauma has a profound effect on the body and stays trapped in your tissues indefinitely unless skillfully released. It is only when this occurs that you can find a place of joyful calm.

We Can Help

Movement - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa


We step back and look at how your body moves as a whole, regardless of where the current pain or dysfunction is. This allows us to see the big picture of how everything is working (or not working) together. It is only through looking at the big picture, present and past, that we can see where the true problem lies, and it is never in the area that is screaming at you.

Alignment - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa


There is a certain order to everything in nature. Nothing is random and something that affects one type of plant or organism can change an entire ecosystem. There is also an optimal order to things in your body. When one part is out of alignment it affects every single other part of you on some level. We work through hands-on treatment to restore balance in your whole being.

Performance - M.A.P. Physiotherapy - Ottawa


When issues past and present have been addressed and all systems are working together, true health can be restored and future problems can be avoided. Whether performance for you means shaving three minutes off of your personal best on a 10km race or getting out of a chair independently, we are here to help you do the things that bring you joy.

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We are a small physiotherapy clinic located in Orléans (east end Ottawa), Ontario. M.A.P. Physiotherapists focus on what matters to you, spending time to understand your needs, and providing the personal attention that makes a real difference.

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