Neurological Injury and Pain

I will never forget this amazing woman. When she first came to see me she was about 20 years post-stroke. She had worked very hard to regain her mobility, and as a commitment to improving her overall health she had been going to the gym regularly without fail since she had regained enough ability to do so after her stroke. Most people last less than a year before bailing on their fitness plan, but she had stuck with it for 20 years.

The reason she came for help was that she had begun to experience pain. It had gotten so bad that not only was she no longer able to go to the gym, she was having trouble with everyday activities like going up and down stairs. She saw her family doctor who essentially told her that her pain was age related and part of the natural progression post-stroke. Fortunately a friend convinced her otherwise and told her she should come and see me.

Wrestling with Gratitude

Rude Awakening It started off a normal week like so many others that had come before it – work, kids’ activities, chores and all the mundane things that make up our lives, until Thursday. I awoke to an urgent, “What time is it? I think we slept through the alarm!” I...

Lifelong Recovery from Neurological Injury

“Hey, that hurt,” he said. “I beg your pardon?” I replied. We stared at each other astounded. Given that I had pretty much just raked a forearm up the side of his thigh, one would not think this sort of statement would be surprising. But it was absolutely astonishing...

The Power of Creativity

Blank Canvas “You should come,” said my business coach. The last time someone whose opinion I really respected said something to me that started with “you should”, I listened and that turned into a 25 year growth experience. Against my first skeptical reaction, I...

The Benefits of Snowshoeing

I only have one rule about snow – if I have to shovel it then I want to play in it. It’s quite a simple rule really. Considering the fact that I am an absolutely terrible skier, I’m not a huge fan of skating on really bumpy ice, I’m not cool enough to snowboard, and...

Enough Stuff!

Last Christmas was the breaking point for me. I remember standing amongst the chaos on the 26th of December and feeling upset to the point of nausea. There was so much stuff. Everywhere. Flung carelessly in every corner. Already discarded less than 24 hours later. Not...

Talking to Children About Death

Mon chat est mort. This is the title of the book my daughter has written and illustrated at school today. My cat is dead. Well, this should be an interesting read. I pick it up not knowing quite what to expect. To give you a little background, we had to put our cat...

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