Physiotherapy for Children

Torticollis is More than just a Neck Problem

The door opens and in walks a new mother lugging her baby bucket car seat. Her facial expression is a mixture of exhaustion, bliss, and concern. While her baby has been born healthy, he has torticollis. The doctor has told her that the physiotherapist will show her how to stretch her baby’s tight neck, which […] Read More ❱

When to Seek Physiotherapy Treatment for Children – The Cringe Test

It’s a beautiful Thursday evening and you are watching your son play soccer. The game is going well when suddenly he goes flying. A badly timed slide tackle has caught his foot while he was in full flight and he has gone down hard. You and the other parents suck in a collective gasp and […] Read More ❱

Putting the Fun Back in Youth Sport

Growing up, sport was always a part of my life. Pretty much from the time I could walk I had some kind of ball or something in my hands. Being the only girl on the street, I played with the boys and kept up in everything from road hockey to shooting hoops, to playing baseball, […] Read More ❱

Colic Can Be Treated

For those parents who have lived through having an infant with colic, you know how truly devastating it is to see your baby crying in obvious pain and being told there is nothing that can be done. You ask Dr. Google.  You speak to anyone with children. You search high and low for answers and […] Read More ❱

Are Competitive Athletes Getting Enough Physical Activity?

If you are like many families, you have one or more children playing competitive sports. This likely means your child is out playing or practicing at least four times a week. With such a rigorous training schedule how could they not be getting enough physical activity? Well, let’s start by looking at the guidelines. Recently […] Read More ❱

Listen to Those Mommy Instincts

All of us moms have had them – those moments where you just know something is wrong, when your mommy instincts kick in and the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.  Last year my daughter became quite ill. At first her symptoms were brushed off as a minor viral illness but as […] Read More ❱

Physiotherapy for Young Competitive Athletes

More and more children are playing competitive sports at a young age now. Sometimes kids as young as seven or eight years old are playing the same sport five or six times a week. This takes its toll on a developing body. When children get injured we tend to think they will just bounce back, […] Read More ❱

Growing Pains and Clumsiness

If you have school aged children, you have probably witnessed the clumsiness that comes with rapid growth, and maybe even random pains experienced by your child.  These pains are often referred to as growing pains and, like the gawky awkwardness that comes with periods of rapid growth, we accept them as rites of passage.  But […] Read More ❱

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