The Benefits of Snowshoeing

I only have one rule about snow – if I have to shovel it then I want to play in it. It’s quite a simple rule really. Considering the fact that I am an absolutely terrible skier, I’m not a huge fan of skating on really bumpy ice, I’m not cool enough to snowboard, and […] Read More ❱

How To Base Train

In my last blog I discussed the importance of training in your aerobic zone in order to build the base of your fitness pyramid. This is an oft-skipped step that only leads to frustration in the end. Now that you know the importance of it, let’s discuss how to do it. Remember that car and […] Read More ❱

The Importance of Base Training

I have made exercise a routine part of my life for many years now. I admit I have become somewhat addicted to the endorphin rush I get from a long sustained workout. But one thing I don’t do is exercise classes. For me part of the allure of exercising is having time alone where I […] Read More ❱

Choosing a Fitness Tracker

Considering a fitness tracker either for yourself or someone on your Christmas list?  If so, then let us help you with your decision.  These devices are becoming immensely popular, but do they really improve fitness outcomes?  There is research out there to suggest that people in general do not move more when they have an […] Read More ❱

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