Competitive Athletes

Putting the Fun Back in Youth Sport

Growing up, sport was always a part of my life. Pretty much from the time I could walk I had some kind of ball or something in my hands. Being the only girl on the street, I played with the boys and kept up in everything from road hockey to shooting hoops, to playing baseball, […] Read More ❱

Are Competitive Athletes Getting Enough Physical Activity?

If you are like many families, you have one or more children playing competitive sports. This likely means your child is out playing or practicing at least four times a week. With such a rigorous training schedule how could they not be getting enough physical activity? Well, let’s start by looking at the guidelines. Recently […] Read More ❱

Physiotherapy for Young Competitive Athletes

More and more children are playing competitive sports at a young age now. Sometimes kids as young as seven or eight years old are playing the same sport five or six times a week. This takes its toll on a developing body. When children get injured we tend to think they will just bounce back, […] Read More ❱

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