Celebrating Ten Years – Quietly

It was at the end of one of my monthly meetings with my business coach that I happened to mention that my business would be celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. “Congratulations,” Lara simply said.

“I feel like I should do something to mark the occasion,” I replied. I instantly felt the tension begin in my neck and shoulders, which I have since learned to identify as my body subconsciously reacting to the fact that I have just used the word “should”. Before Lara could say anything more I launched into ideas like a special promotion, branded pens, balloons everywhere, the whole time feeling the tension build with each idea.

Finally at the end of my run-on sentence she calmly asked me her favourite question of all time (and incidentally also mine, but who likes that thrown back in your face?), “Why do you want to do it?” My instinct screamed, “I do NOT want to do it at all!” But of course what came out of my mouth was “because that’s what people do.” Whoa, that’s convincing. Needless to say we went on to have a rather interesting conversation on the subject.

The thing is, my late business partner and I didn’t build this business through fanfare, smoke, and mirrors. We just quietly rented a space, put our heads down, and cared for people to the best of our abilities. When my business partner died of cancer and I became a solopreneur, I quietly moved the business to Orléans and carried on doing what I was doing. There was no open house. There were no balloons. There were no branded pens. I was too overwhelmed to do anything more than survive one day at a time.

I suppose that’s why I felt I should do something more now. I hadn’t marked my move to a new location in any way, thanks to Lara I am no longer feeling overwhelmed and I have the time to contemplate planning something for the tenth anniversary of my business, and……..well that’s just what people do, don’t they?

We are constantly bombarded by images of businesses throwing elaborate parties, picnics with massive bouncy castles, and parking lot barbeques with free food for everyone, but that’s just not me. I may be an extrovert but the only reward I need for the work I do is a smile and a thank-you from someone whose life I have helped make a little bit easier. Well, admittedly chocolate is also hugely appreciated.

So on June 1st M.A.P. Physiotherapy will celebrate its tenth anniversary – quietly. I will probably put a little message on the chalkboard in my waiting area and on Facebook, and maybe I’ll bake some cookies. Hopefully some of them will even make it past the kids and out the door to work. If you’re in the area feel free to stop by and say hello. We’ll be the place doing business as usual, but maybe with an extra bright smile that day, and if you come early enough, maybe a cookie or two.

P.S.  A big shout out to my wonderful business coach Lara Wellman at the Biz Studio for helping me stay true to myself, and to Megan O’Neill for her amazing work with mindset.  Stay tuned for my next blog where I will talk about the ten things I have learned after ten years in business.