Hey Moms, Stop Putting Up With That!

Are you dragging yourself around all day wishing you had more energy? Are simple things like getting up from the floor difficult? Do you have mysterious aches and pains that have appeared out of nowhere? If so, you are definitely not alone. What would make you stand out would be if you decided you just weren’t going to put up with that anymore.

Mom the martyr

Too many moms are out there juggling the needs of a family, working outside the home, helping out at the kids’ school, getting people everywhere they need to go, and doing all of this on an energy tank that never feels to be more than one third full. We do it because we think we have to. We ignore our own bodies because we think we don’t have time. We chalk up our fatigue to busyness. And we plough through. We plough through because that’s what moms do.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take care of yourself for once? Wouldn’t you love to suddenly have more energy to keep all those balls in the air? Well, I’m telling you that there is a solution. It’s time to put yourself first, just this once because the investment will pay off in spades.

Getting to the core of the problem

I believe that one of the big reasons that moms have low energy levels is a lack of core stability. The more unstable you are, the harder you have to work to hold yourself upright all day and run around doing the thousands of things that you do.  This means you are burning far more energy than you should, and that makes you tired.

This instability results from giving birth to those beautiful little people we love so much. While birth is, of course, a perfectly natural process, it is also a process that is challenging for the body. As baby gets bigger, the pelvis gets dragged down in front from the weight, and the hips get pushed up and back out of the way to make more room. When things are out of alignment, they become unstable. While Mother Nature pushes these things around for a reason, she seems to have forgotten how to put them back where they were afterwards.

Put your own oxygen mask on first

I believe that all moms should have a body tune-up after giving birth. Your hips and pelvis (and in some cases myriad other body parts) just don’t find their way back to where they should be on their own. You need help to get realigned, just like your car does if it hits a big bump in the road. The optimum time to get a tune-up is when your baby is a few months old. If you are a first-time mom, this will likely be the time you feel like you can finally start to come up for air. If so, put your own oxygen mask on first and take care of your body.

If you put it off, all kinds of things can happen. As I already mentioned, fatigue is a big problem when you are moving inefficiently. Pain is another undesirable consequence of walking around in bad alignment. I often see moms whose children are now eight or ten years old who tell me they have issues, such as low back pain, discomfort in the tailbone, or hip pain, that has been there since their children were born. When I ask them why they have put up with it all this time, they inevitably tell me that they didn’t know anything could be done about it. Somehow, somewhere along the line, women have been convinced that they are supposed to suffer lifelong consequences of birthing children.

The earlier the better

I assure you that if you get treatment early on you can avoid a whole lot of pain and problems down the road. If you didn’t know this and your children are now older (I have seen some women whose children are now adults who are still suffering from issues related to childbirth), it is not too late to do something about it. It is never too late. Alignment and stability can be restored at any time. Your pain and discomfort can be dealt with no matter how long you have been putting up with it.

So stop and take a step back. Ask yourself if you believe deep down, despite what your friends, family members, and medical professionals may tell you, that your body should get back to feeling the way it did before having children. If your answer is yes, but your body right now says no, then come in and see us. We believe you can move efficiently and effortlessly again and we would love to help you do that.


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