One fish, two fish, yellow fish, new fish

Blue lined snapper fish standing out among several fishes underwater

Imagine that you are different from most others.  You would think that you would stand out in a crowd, but what if the crowd was so big, like say a school of thousands of fish, that even if you were obviously different people still had trouble finding you?  This is me in my business.  Physiotherapy clinics have proliferated almost literally on every corner.  What we offer at M.A.P. Physiotherapy is different from most but how to convey this message?

Well I could tell you that we offer exclusively one-on-one treatments with a physiotherapist.  No assistants.  No kinesiologists.  No machines.  No ice packs or heat pads.  Your reaction, if you have had physiotherapy treatment in the past, is likely to be something like, “I didn’t know that existed”.  Exactly my point.

I could tell you that we focus on treating the true underlying cause of the problem and don’t just treat the painful area as it is likely just compensating for a problem elsewhere.  Then your reaction would probably be “well that’s a totally different approach”.  Yes, that little yellow fishie should say “M.A.P.” on it.

I could tell you that the majority of my clientele have been treated for their current issue before but with little or no lasting results.  At which point your reaction may be “Hmmmm……sounds interesting”.  Aha, now maybe we’re getting somewhere.

I believe that if people are living with longstanding, ongoing, persistent pain or dysfunction the true underlying cause of the problem has not been addressed.  Treating the painful area and not looking beyond is just temporarily masking the symptoms.

Today’s consumer is more and more discerning in searching for all products and services.  I think the issue until now has been a lack of awareness that something else is on offer in the physiotherapy world.  Please help me spread the word.  I would love to explain more in person.