Physiotherapy for Your Entire Extended Family

It has happened on many an occasion that I start by treating one family member and end up treating the whole family. You know someone trusts you when they send their mom to see you. I have had families in which I have treated three generations. This is quite a privilege, not to mention interesting to see how genetics and familial characteristics play a role.

In general, moms are the gatekeepers of health care in the family. We are the organizers, the schedulers, the worriers, and the champions of healthy living whenever possible. Anything that can make all that easier is welcome.

We can meet the physiotherapy needs of your whole family, from infants to the elderly. This may make us seem like a Jack-of- all-trades yet master of none, but it is our unique approach to looking at the whole body that allows us to treat anything. Regardless of whether it is a baby with colic, a mom with a sports injury, or a grandmother who has had a stroke, they all have one thing in common – movement patterns that have been disrupted. Restoring efficient movement patterns involving the right combination of stability with mobility will help the baby, the mom, and the grandmother. This, combined with our experience from acute paediatrics to sports injuries, to neurological conditions, allows us to meet all of your needs with expertise.

Why shop around for different physiotherapy clinics for each family member? We are your one stop shop for your entire extended family. We look forward to meeting all of you.

COVID Safety

Please note that three layered masks continue to be mandatory for everyone entering the clinic despite the lifting of this requirement by the Ontario government. We continue to prioritize your health by minimizing the number of people in the clinic, screening for illness, and cleaning regularly. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to serving your health care needs.