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The Year of Me

As I read the header on this blog post I think how it completely goes against the grain for a mother of two small children. Me? Who the heck is that? But I have somehow managed to make some decisions and do some things in 2017 that have really been all about me. Ironically it […] Read More ❱

My Summer of Saying Yes

I am someone who generally thrives on routine. Being an extrovert I sometimes find this a bit odd, but routine makes me comfortable. Other than vacation, summer weekends are usually spent hanging around at parks and museums with the kids and filling up the kiddy pool. This summer we decided to throw routine to the […] Read More ❱

Fighting the Tide

Swastika bearing white supremacists march openly through the streets killing an innocent defender of human rights and beating a black man with sticks. Their country’s leader justifies their actions.  Even seemingly less extreme caucasians are offended by this commercial saying things aren’t really all that bad and they shouldn’t be vilified in such a way.  People call […] Read More ❱

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

For those of you who have a good relationship with your mother, today is likely an occasion for celebration. You probably enjoyed picking out something for her that you know she will appreciate, and smiled as you wrapped her gift while anticipating the joy it will bring her. Today will be filled with warm hugs […] Read More ❱

Lessons on Vulnerability

Have you ever had an idea present itself in your life, and you think “That’s interesting. I should look into that,” and then life sweeps you up in its next wave and you forget about it? But then the same concept presents itself from a totally different source and you start to pay attention. When […] Read More ❱

Looking Forward to 2017

Although this past year has been one of significant challenge for MAP Physiotherapy and myself, I believe that the future is bright and I am looking forward to what lies ahead.  After the death of my business partner, which necessitated moving the business, what I have discovered is a true sense of community in Orléans. […] Read More ❱

The True Meaning of Christmas

I had already posted a blog for Christmas day when this amazing thing happened and I just had to write about it.  Twelve years ago when we moved to Blackburn Hamlet we knew we had found a wonderful place to live.  When we had children this was definitely reaffirmed.  But what happened today really touched […] Read More ❱

Christmas Balancing Act

Seeing as it is Christmas I will allow my blog post to stray from anything physiotherapy related to the more personal.  Well, at least I’ll try.  After all, once a physio always a physio. Since becoming a parent Christmas has taken on a very different meaning.  I no longer think or care about what’s under […] Read More ❱

Reflections on a Milestone

Soon I will be reaching a milestone birthday.  Had you asked me a while back how I felt about it, I would have gone on about how depressing it was and how getting old sucks, but now my perspective is completely different.  The reason for this change is that my dear friend and business partner, […] Read More ❱

The Bittersweet Turning of a Page

Physiotherapist Ottawa

In June 2008 when my business partner, Gail, and I opened our physiotherapy clinic, the plan was to work together until one of us retired. Although starting a new business has its share of stressors, we got through it all by relying on each other and using our complementary skills. Gail was the yin to […] Read More ❱

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